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Child Safety

Child Safety

As your child grows up your focus on child safety switches from a safe physical environment to your child's safety in society and what influences are impacting your child. As your child ages they might start socializing with other teenagers who drink alcohol. While you can not constantly monitor your child and make sure they never drink or get into a car driven by a drunk driver, there are things you can do to increase your child's safety. By educating your child with the consequences of alcohol you can help them make the right decision when the option of drinking is presented to them and therefore help increase child safety. You can help increase child safety by simply talking to your child and working with your child and not being too commanding or bossy. Respecting your child will help them respect you and your rules. If you set rules and do not explain them or not willing to compromise your child will most likely want to rebel against your rules that they see as arbitrary, this can compromise child safety. Respecting your child's privacy can also help increase child safety. If you try to invade your child's private space your child might draw away from you further and you will end up learning less about your child's life and what and who is impacting them, this prevents you from doing what you need to do to ensure child safety.

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Child Safety
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