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Safety Pool Supplies

Pool supplies are a broad topic that can be difficult to navigate considering all the details that go into pool ownership. Health and safety should come first when considering what is necessary and what is considered luxury. Pool chemicals, solar pool covers, pool alarms, and pool heaters are a few standard supplies recommended for the health and safety of pool water.

Chemicals, pumps, and filters all work together to make sure the water in the pool is healthy and circulating well. Chemicals treat the water with anti-bacterials and anti-fungals. Pumps push the water around the pool and through the filter, which pulls debris out of the water.

If you have a pool and live in a colder clime, heaters can add about two months of swim time in either direction. Solar pool covers work to keep that heat in and even use the sun’s rays to soak up more heat and the cover’s specialized design evenly distributes up to about 15 more degrees into the pool water.

Covers also work with pool alarms to make it even safer when no one is looking. Covers obviously cover the water so little kids or animals can’t accidently fall in. And if mischievous children attempt to enter the pool while no one is watching, an alarm will sound an alert that someone is in the pool who shouldn’t be. This can prevent a lot of accidents.

Child Safety
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