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Child Safety
Child Safety

Drug and Alcohol Parenting

As a parent maintaining child safety means you should be aware of the fact that your children might be exposed to drugs and alcohol. There are numerous things you can do to help ensure child safety and help your children make the right decision if they are offered any type of drugs or alcohol. You can help increase child safety by communicating with your children about the consequences of drinking and using drugs. Increasing child safety can be done by doing some research and presenting your child with factual consequences and not just outlandish horror stories. If you tell them unrealistic stories it might be hard for them to believe you. Tell them about the dangers of drug and alcohol use. You should also tell them about the danger of getting into a car driven by someone who is intoxicated. Helping them and telling them what to do in situations of peer pressure can help increase child safety so much. Communicating with your child about what's going on in their lives and help them feel appreciated and acknowledged can also help increase child safety and help them in being more confident in not succumbing to peer pressure. Also, you can help ensure child safety by not being too paranoid. Drug and alcohol abuse are definitely problems with youth, but don't automatically jump to conclusions that your child might be doing drugs or drinking.

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Child Safety
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